My Kolachi

You name it, we did it. Working alongside My Kolachi owner Shazia Nizam, we not only created the brand identity along with all brand collateral, but designed and developed a bespoke e-commerce website including all product photography to boot. So that's where our summer/autumn went!

 Sheila Fairon

A simple, effective personal identity that resonates, offers a talking point and doesn't over complicate the message it's communicating.

 Tonic Fabrication

Portland, Oregon based Tonic Fabrication build bad-ass custom steel bicycle frames that are made by hand and built to last.

 York Antiquarian Book Seminar

York Antiquarian Book Seminar, known as Y.A.B.S. for short, is the brainchild of antiquarian book dealer Anthony Smithson. Being print obsessives we were pleased as punch to be asked to design a new brand identity and marketing campaign for this new endeavour.

 Katie Reedman

The make up artists and one woman whirlwind that is Katie Reedman approached the studio to design a new brand identity for all her freelance activities. With a personality mix that blends passion, energy and femininity along with a straight talking attitude how could we resist.

 Laverty x Points

In a design studio setting it’s not often you get to be your own client so great fun was had creating a ‘brand identity’ for the biggest day on the Atelier Points calendar. From initial announcement through to coffee table book, the identity set the tone for what was a fantastic occasion.


A well considered concept, delivering a direct message with some engaging aesthetics signaled our first foray into retail. Humili-T is The Quality Of Being Modest. Free from vanity, egotism, boastfulness and great pretension, Humili-T displays a humble estimate of ones merits and importance.

 Skint Records

A 15 year anniversary is always worth celebrating. For Skint Records that meant a 45 track time capsule spread across three distinct discs. Spanning the musical landscape between 1995 and 2010 the compilation covers the heady days of the big beat scene and beyond.

 International North West 200

The International North West 200 is a motorcycle road race and the largest sporting event in Ireland. Run by a not-for-profit organisation they rely heavily on the support of volunteers. We provided art direction and design on a campaign to attract a new generation of volunteer.

 Northern Ireland Tourist Board

How do you combine the drama of an international motorcycle road race with a campaign to generate increased tourism? You look towards the iconic basalt columns of the Giant's Causeway which have provided Northern Ireland with a graphic symbol as ubiquitous as the shamrock is to the South.


When Liberty of London held the UK launch of Swedish interior design company Svenskt Tenn we were delighted to be involved. Not only is Liberty one of our go to destinations in town but Josef Frank's design philosophy of “Accidentism” resonates with us at Atelier Points.


A song about love and drugs, love on drugs or a love of drugs? Whatever way you look at it, an electric shock to the heart covers it all.

 N2K Records

Nice packaging budget. Minimal brief. Client's trust in our abilities. Idea appears in a dream. Sometimes the stars align perfectly.

 Stephanie & Nicholas

With nothing more than a strip of purple material for colour reference, we set about creating a bespoke identity for this winter wedding.

 International NW200

Stripping back the razzmatazz of big brand sponsorship, Atelier Points designed the 80th anniversary logo and press launch invite.

 Tim Deluxe

Skint gave us an MP3 containing a stripped down, back to basics track and an extremely tight deadline. Taking Simon Banks from the Audio Bullys vocal delivery as our starting point, we gave them a stripped back, single colour design delivered to deadline.

 Honest Make Up

Honest offer bias free advice on achieving beautiful, flawless make up. Via online tutorials from professional make up artists using Honest's own brand of quality make up brushes, they aim to cut through the smoke and mirrors of the industry, offering 'an Honest approach to beauty and make up'.


Tying the knot. Bound at the stem. Joined in typographic matrimony. Who says wedding stationary should be all script fonts and flowers.

 Davey La

Singer puts band on hiatus, relocates to New York, get's serious tattoos, writes new material, books new shows. With such a rock n' roll existence it's good to have a little stability in your life and it wasn't long before Davey La was back on the line talking sleeve and poster designs.

 ARC Records

Having access to Keith Morris' unseen Nick Drake shots was pretty amazing. Chatting to Keith Morris about Nick was even better.

 Goodyear Photography

Award winning wedding photographer Sharron Goodyear wanted a new logo and business card that would catch the eye of new clients at the many wedding fairs she attends throughout the year. With out a serif or swirl insight we gave Sharron a bold identity with a playful touch.

 Initio International

Initio International are an international recruitment group that act as an umbrella corporation for a multi-brand network of companies.

 A&G Records

A small design budget doesn’t mean a budget design. Maximum brand recognition with little more than a logo and some design nous.