Atelier Sounds #004
So 2018. What a total contrast from 12 months ago. If 2017 felt like a fallow year, 2018 was a bumper harvest. Couldn't edit this list down to the customary 13, in fact it was a struggle to keep it at 20. So many great albums from artists both known and unknown. Such a wonderful and eclectic list that even with my fathers passing, some kind of solace could be found.
Jeff Rosenstock / Post
The Breeders / All Nerve
Daniel Brandt / Channels
Fire! / The Hands
No Age / Snares Like A Haircut
Kamasi Washington / Heaven and Earth
Nils Frahm / All Melody
Low / Double Negative
Jakob Bro / Bay Of Rainbows
Sam Wilkes / Wilkes
Moses Boyd / Displaced Diaspora
Snail Mail / Lush
Düngen & Woods / Myths 003
Idles / Joy
John Coltrane / Both Directions At Once
Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids / An Angel Fell
The Sea and Cake / Any Day
Deafheaven / Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
Szun Waves / New Hymn To Freedom
Makaya McCraven / Universal Beings

‘They told us our gods
would outlive us’
Rest in peace Dad, we love you x

We love it when a
rebrand comes together
We met the guys at CDMS Architects back in January to discuss a proposed rebrand. Nine months later and the first glimpse of the fruits of our labour is now out in the wild. A case study will be added to selected projects in the new year.

8 guidelines. 16 templates.
240 logos. 0 tan lines.
Staffing 360 Solutions, Inc. is an emerging public company in the international staffing sector engaged in the acquisition and successful integration of US and UK staffing agencies. Based on a high growth buy-and-build model, the company has expanded from roughly $5 million in revenues in 2013 to over $320 million in revenues on a current annualised basis with a publicly-stated goal of achieving $500 million in revenue.
Having grown rapidly over the last five years with numerous acquisitions, the Staffing 360 Solutions identity requires some serious attention. Not only do all the group logos need to be redrawn and reconfigured but each company requires a suite of logo files to cover any future print and digital needs. The stationery templates need to be recreated and aligned, both in UK and US formats, and then a set of guidelines produced for all the S360 companies.

Looks like we're about to get a little busy this summer.

Five is the
magic number
Every year I like to make Ellen a wedding anniversary card.
This years card is my current favourite.

Atelier Sounds #003
2017 has been a weird year musically. Being heavily medicated throughout due to a swelling on the brain may have played a part. Coming to terms with the responsibility and fatigue of taking care of a new human being possibly even more so. Either way, 2017 was the first year since teenagerdom that new music no longer felt important. So it came as a bit of a surprise when reviewing my favourite albums from the past twelve months. I may not have bought as many LPs or delved as deep in to the streaming pool of new music. But, what I did pick up on I listened to a lot. And I love each and every one of them.
SZA / Ctrl
Floating Points / Reflections Mojave Desert
Four Tet / New Energy
Big Thief / Capacity
Slowdive / Slowdive
Run The Jewels / 3
Aldous Harding / Party
Kendrick Lamar / Damn
Maximum Joy / I Can’t Stand It Here On Quiet Nights
Phoebe Bridgers / Stranger In The Alps
Grizzly Bear / Painted Ruins
The National / Sleep Well Beast
Kamasi Washington / Harmony Of Difference

Designing for
DVD (and Blu Ray)
It's a pond we very rarely dip our toes in these days, but over the years we designed a steady stream of ‘cult’ DVD packaging projects. As is common in the home entertainment industry, the majority of these projects came with caveats. From well know TV shows with zero imagery and assets, to rigid legal instruction on any imagery and assets usage we did receive. The quality of assets tended to be poor. The previous designs much worse. So much so that in many cases the phrase 'polishing a turd' could be seen as a rather polite euphemism.
Good design is easy when you have great imagery but a damn sight harder when you don't. Designing DVD packaging was as frustrating as it was challenging but all those years of creative gymnastics improved me personally as a designer. It tamed the creative ego, sharpened the mind and encouraged me to trust my intuition and be efficient. I learnt to design for the audience, not the client, and to follow a brief rather than my own desires. The end results were rarely portfolio pieces but the lessons learnt were invaluable. Here's a few of them.

A Sense of Place
‘A Sense of Place’ is a graphic art project exploring the idea of place and what it means. It reveals how places can develop strong identities and culture, which are felt deeply by local people and visitors alike. It is also a response to the current political climate, which has seen increasing attempts to close borders, restrict our freedom of movement and regulate our ‘sense of place’.

The exhibition features 17 Sussex-based designers, design agencies and illustrators. All profits from the sale of prints going to two charities: Refugee Action and The Clock Tower Sanctuary in Brighton. More here https://senseof.place/Main-Home
I grew up in a Sussex town that was, according to The Sunday Observer Magazine, created by god. It wasn't. But the South Downs could well have been. They are my spiritual home. My church. When modern life weighs heavy the wild, open expanse of the Downs helps lighten the load. They offer solitude. A space to think. A space to be. To have all this protected beauty, and the sense of freedom it offers on our doorstep is a privilege.

(Not) Doing it for themselves
Tess, aged 11, asked for a logo to help promote for her campaign to clean up the Mourne mountains where she climbs. Bailey, aged 10, wanted one for his new band. Two very different approaches but both were over the moon with the results. Shame all clients aren't so easy to please.

Répondez s'il vous plaît.
Towards the end of last summer we designed invitations for two very different types of event. One celebrating the relationship between architecture and the artist. The other on how monitoring technologies and management systems can save asset managers a tidy sum. Now that's what we call variety.
Most building operators and asset managers believe they've maxed out all potential profits. EP&T have the technology to show otherwise. Targeting hotel owners and operators, the event showcased EP&T's ability to generate significant savings in energy, water and waste.

Remaining within the confines of EP&T's brand guidelines, we utilised secondary brand assets and colours to create a distinct look for the campaign. This was then administered to both print and digital invites and a white paper. For the HTML email, we enabled the marketing team to build them in-house, thus allowing greater flexibility.
Our services:
Graphic Design: Print & Digital
Project Management / Print Management
Hosted by architect Jane Burnside's in her award-winning Origami House, this was artist Henry Laverty's first solo exhibition. It proved to be a great success. Not only were twenty seven paintings sold but Henry now has a couple of paintings on display at the prestigious Gormleys Fine Art gallery in Belfast.

Disclaimer: Henry Laverty happens to be Ellen's rather talented father. Whilst our involvement was a clear case of nepotism, we're assured it was our price, or lack of, that sealed the gig.
Our services:
Art Direction / Graphic Design, Print & Digital / Logo Design
Project Management / Print Management

“... to whom speed means
freedom of the soul.”
Tony Batcheller, Oregon-based maker and owner of Tonic Fabrication, displays great integrity and pride in his brand. From design and customer service, to the development of his own unique tools. Every element of his custom steel bicycle frames and forks are built in-house and by hand, making
Tonic Fabrication one very special beast.
With some of the coolest named bike frames in the industry, Tony's first foray into the world of road bikes would be no different. Named after the 1971 counterculture cult classic Vanishing Point, the frame is built around a fast, responsive geometry, yet comfortable enough to ride all day. Being a longtime fan of the film and a big admirer of Tony’s work, when the opportunity arose to commission a new road bike there was only ever going to be one choice.
Designing a custom bike is a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding process, but the Achilles heal of bike design is choosing the colour scheme. Unlike brand identity projects where colours are required to either signify, associate or conform to some set of preconceived notions, for a project such as this there are no such boundaries. So when our research led us to the North American custom car scene, and away from the abyss of infinite possibilities, things took a timely leap forward.

Whilst the possibilities remained endless, the cars we were drawn to all had a timeless quality that was epitomised in their beautiful, simple paint work. Restricting ourselves to a limited palette led to a distinctive colour scheme immune from the fickleness of fashion.
“Red, white and bitchin’” - John Prolly / The Radavist
The overarching aim for this project was to create a custom graphic and colour scheme without distilling the essence of the Tonic brand. With hearty approval from Tony and an appearance on John Prolly’s infamous bike blog The Radavist, we’re pretty confident we nailed it.
Project Involvement:
Graphic Design / Art Direction / Icon Design

Atelier Sounds.
Music is an integral part of our creative process at Atelier Points.
It can inspire, stimulate and positively disrupt our creative thinking. Just as an ambient soundtrack will allow thoughts to flow, cranking up the bpm will drive us on to hit the most pressing of deadlines. So what better way to start 2017 than look back over a few of our favourite albums from the past twelve months.

Angel Olsen / My Woman
Car Seat Headrest / Teens Of Denial
Anohni / Hopelessness
Christine And The Queens / Chaleur Humaine
Frank Ocean / Blond
Radiohead / A Moon Shaped Poo
Chance The Rapper / Colouring Book
Woods / City Sun Eater In The River Of Light
Rival Consoles / Night Melody
Mitski / Puberty 2
Wilco / Schmilco
Parquet Courts / Human Performance
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Skeleton Tree

Happy Christmas 2016.
Every year feels like a game of Snakes & Ladders.
There are some ups, and there are some downs. Usually they tend to balance out.
For some reason 2016 bucked that trend and delivered some serious snakes.
Even with all these snakes there was a moment of personal wonder. Ellen and I chanced our luck, rolled the proverbial dice and landed on the most wonderful of ladders.

Herbie John Stanley Points was born at on October 29th at 10.34 am. He not only filled our hearts with joy, but four weeks later he got us out of a hole by agreeing to model for this years Christmas card. A king has most certainly been born.
So whilst we sleepily shut up shop for another year, we'd like to thank our clients, old and new, for working with us in 2016 and wish you all a very merry Christmas. Looking forward to an exciting 2017. As long as The Donald doesn't fuck it all up.

When you look and sound
like everyone else how will anyone remember you?
"Please don't tell me you've written a bloody think piece?"
"Yep, we've written a bloody think piece."
Most modern marketing books tell you to specialise, find your niche, be great at one thing. This is a good rule of thumb. It allows you to focus on a particular market, become an expert in that field and charge more for your services.
When seeking the services of a graphic design consultancy, you'll soon discover that it's not so clear cut. For any design practice that takes a literal approach to this advice could end up having an adverse effect on your business.
As humans we seek a multitude of inspirational source materials to enrich our lives. As designers it's this enrichment which fuels our ideas. Maintaining a varied client base helps engender these influences, understandings and experiences. It shapes and inspires our designs. It creates new connections and associations, leading to fresh and unexpected outcomes.

By selecting a consultancy with too narrow a focus can, and will result in bland, homogenous design solutions. They'll be interchangeable with those of your competitors. Causing you to blend in rather than stand out.
If this path appeals to you then you need to ask yourself why? You know the market place is super competitive. You know the need to stand out, look the part and garner attention is paramount. So why having spent all that time and energy conceiving a great brand would you then settle for bland?
Ignore any preconceived ideas about how you should look and approach your visual communications with a sense of freedom.

Collaborate with a consultancy who ask questions. Who approach your problem with a fresh perspective. And who are a joy to work with. This will create an furtive environment for original solutions. Original solutions that'll get you noticed. After all, when you look and sound like everyone else how will anyone remember you?
And open yourself up to the visual communications you and your business deserve.

One day too many.
February is not a favourite month. It's a month to endure rather than enjoy.
We understand why there's a need for the extra day – a complete orbit of
the earth around the sun takes exactly 365.2422 days, rather than
the Gregorian calendars 365 – but why dump it in February?
And more importantly why isn't it a public holiday?
Still, we've survived with our sanity intact thanks in part to new albums by Daughter, Tortoise, Grimes and Tindersticks, plus the rather stunning Lance Wyman monograph from Unit Editions.

There was also some cause for celebration on the work front too. We signed off on the designs for the all new Keel Row Books ecommerce website. And not only that. Printed samples of the Y.A.B.S 2016 flyer with it's beautiful Greek inspired colour scheme arrived. Oh, and we finally remembered pancake day! So not all gloom and doom on this dank, grey, one day too many month of February.

“We`ve written a Manifesto.
It`s all in the Manfesto!”
Yup, we have a manifesto! It's short, succinct and perfectly encapsulates our design philosophy whilst keeping us on point. We even have it as our screen saver. For now.

We're not the same
as we were.
Welcome to our brand spanking new website. Whilst the decisions we’ve made to get to this stage have not been easy, taking the path of most resistance never is, the early signs are that we’ve chosen wisely. It’s a brave, bold and beautiful statement of intent for 2016 and we love it!
Over the past twelve months we instigated a full root and branch review (the first, last and only time we will ever use this phrase) of every facet of the studio and how it operates. From marketing and customer service, right down to our studio culture and the minutiae of everyday studio life, such as labelling files and data back-up.

It’s been both invigorating and at times, if we’re being honest, overwhelming but we’re glad we did it. We now have focus, purpose and a solid bedrock on which to develop the studio, enabling us to focus on the kind of projects and businesses we truly wish to work on and with.
The fruits of all that navel gazing, brain frying and hard work are none more apparent than with this very website. The simplicity of design belies the skilful development. The UX is intuitive and the copy outlines our offering perfectly. It represents a big shift in gears for the studio providing AP with an online presence that reflects the quality of service we offer - fun, friendly, creative, approachable, professional. It’s been a long time coming but we couldn’t be happier with the results.

So here's to an exciting 2016, we look forward to working with you sometime soon!

MortonScarr Architects
Fortune favours the brave
CDMS are a design-led architectural practice with offices in the centre of Brighton. Founded in 2011, they create private and commercial spaces around the needs and desires of their clients. Having taken full control of this flourishing practice back in 2017, Directors Corin and Chris – the M and S of CDMS – felt their visual identity was at odds with the practice's philosophy and direction they were moving in.
CDMS’s design output and rigorous house process displayed great attention to detail, yet their visual identity did not. There was a disconnect. With ‘C‘ and ‘D‘ no longer involved, there was also the small matter of the company name. If ever there was a time to follow their instincts, mentally unshackle themselves from the past and create a change to inspire the next, exciting chapter it was now.

Before any decisions were made we began a period of research and exploration, incorporating workshops with both staff and directors. All our findings were then formulated into a brand map which underpinned not only the brief, but was a point of reference throughout the whole project. It also helped provide that little extra nudge in renaming the practice MortonScarr.
Early on we dropped the space, and any potential design furniture, from between the two names. Whilst the directors own the practice, it’s far from autocratic. Removing the space reflected a togetherness. It also created a unique word mark, even when set in plain text.

The monogram began as a little experiment, taking pure shapes and reconfiguring them into something new. To the lay person, this pretty much explains the fundamentals of architecture. Then there’s the bar/beam/joist. A symbol of strength and support, reflecting MortonScarr’s customer care and ability to make projects happen.

Prior to the design stage getting underway, Chris had stated that he didn’t like Scarr in lower case and both directors weren’t so keen on utilising a MS monogram. Funny how things turn out.
Only once we’d reached an identity that everyone was happy with, did the design of the stationery and website begin in earnest. Employing the three elements of the identity across all touch points created a cohesion and consistency to the rebrand.

All stationery was foil blocked in either gloss black or white. Due to the monochrome palette, the gloss provided a little luxury to an otherwise intentionally austere design.

The custom website was built around large imagery and simple intuitive navigation. The landing page acts as a business card that can be easily viewed from any page on the site by clicking the MS icon. Just like the stationery, the website embodies the design-led nature of MortonScarr.
It’s still too early to measure any empirical success that the rebrand may have helped generate – the rebrand only launched late 2018 – but there’s a number of qualitative results that are of equal value to a project such as this. These can include upgraded image; brand repositioning; change existing perceptions; enthuse and educate both clients and staff. In these instances, the anecdotal feedback from the directors has been nothing but positive. We’re looking forward to following up on the rebrands success through 2019.
Being an established practice with a solid reputation and a first page Google ranking is an enviable position to be in. Current clients keep you busy, whilst potential clients have either heard of you or can easily find you. To follow your instincts and initiate a successful rebrand when all is going well takes a great deal of confidence. Confidence in your business. Confidence in yourself. And confidence in your design consultancy. CDMS/MortonScarr had all three.
Our services:

Brand Identity / Website Design & Development / Graphic Design
Logo Design / Creative Strategy / Creative & Art Direction
Animation / Copywriting / Project Management

Website developer:
Designers' Friend

Buff Motion

Keel Row Books
Turning over a new leaf.
Opened in 1981, Keel Row Books is a long established antiquarian bookshop in the North East. After ten years at the helm, current owners Alice and Anthony chose not to rest on their laurels. Embracing the future, they sought an identity and website that would aid and abet them over the next ten.
The antiquarian book trade is a fascinating one. Whilst not an everyday occurrence, the unearthing of a £40,000 gem is very real possibility. It's this hunt for treasure that keeps the dealers hungry. And it's what inspired the Keel Row brand identity.

During our research Anthony introduced us to the art of Joseph Crawhall II (1821–1896). Born in the North East, Crawhall's wonderful monochromatic woodcuts are brimful of character. Having the Crawhall estates blessing KRB were keen to utilise them in some way.

With the notion of "he who seeks finds" still permeating our thoughts, we set out to find our very own Dr Jones. And once we had found him, everything fell into place.
From primary logo through to social media icon, in developing a small suite of logos we provided KRB with a flexible brand identity full of options. The friendly, extra-bold typeface softens the bold-as-brass crow, imitating a woodcut style whilst avoiding pastiche. Combined, they create a confident, playful identity, full of character and heart.
When it came to the website, our initial investigations were far from encouraging. So many lacked basic design thinking, let alone originality or personality. It made little sense.

This is, after all, a trade that revolves around the buying and selling of rare books. Beautiful books. Books that one lusts after. Books that one treasures. To witness such a widespread case of cookie cutter non-design was disheartening.

So it was to our relief that both Alice and Anthony were keen to take a different approach to their e-commerce site.
Most of our discussions around the functionality of the website involved customer experience. Alice and Anthony understood their audience which was important. It helped us focus on their needs and wants, resulting in; simple to navigate menus, easy access to information and clear legible type.

Unlike most e-commerce websites, the majority of sales would most likely be offline. Before a sale there tends to be either a request for more information or a price negotiation. To that end, the website had to position Keel Row Books as more than an online shop. It had to establish their position as an experienced, reputable dealer.
Implementation of the new brand identity involved all facets of KRB's business. From company stationary and marketing materials, through to store front and van livery. These will roll out over the coming months so keep your eye's peeled!
Thanks to the likes of eBay and Amazon, the internet is driving change in the antiquarian book world. Alongside great customer service; trust, reputation and experience are now essential to survival. With their new brand identity and website, Keel Row Books can move forward with confidence. Warm, engaging and considered, it communicates all that is great about their business.
Our services:

Brand Identity / Website Design & Development / Graphic Design
Creative Strategy / Creative Direction / Logo Design / Advertising / Project Management

Website developer:
Designers' Friend

International North West 200
On your marks. Get set.
Go volunteer!
Located on the beautiful north coast of Northern Ireland, the International North West 200 is the largest sporting event in Ireland with over 150,000 spectators during race week. Run by a local nonprofit organisation, they rely heavily on the support of volunteers before, during and after the event. With the average age of the volunteers increasing, the NW200 were in need of attracting ‘new blood’ to join the team.
Funded by the Department of Culture Arts & Leisure, we were tasked with creating a campaign aimed at getting 18-30 year olds to sign up and get involved.

Following the initial briefing we soon honed in on James Montgomery Flagg’s famous 1916 ‘I Want You For The U.S. Army’ poster. Taking the illustration of Uncle Sam pointing directly at the viewer as our source of inspiration, we based the campaign around an anonymous, black clad female motorcyclist. This not only gave the campaign a strong, distinct visual focus but also provided a variety of localised PR and marketing opportunities around the event.
As well as the art direction, we also created a full identity program incorporating logo design and marketing materials that ran across various channels from postcards, posters and regional advertising to phone boxes, billboards and beyond.
International North West 200 were so pleased with the outcome that we were later invited to help them celebrate their 80th year of racing by creating a logo and invite for the press and media launch to mark the historic occasion.

In previous years the heavily sponsored motorcycles, emblazoned with a multitude of corporate logos, had been a prominent feature of the press invite. For the 80th anniversary we wanted to strip this all back and reflect on the heritage of the event and the independent riders who were the lifeblood of the race.
It’s fair to say that motorbikes tend to scare the bejesus out of us, but there's no escaping the daredevil attitude of the riders and the exhilaration of the race itself - so to have played a small part in such a prestigious event was great honour.

And we knew the campaign had clearly hit its mark when we heard about the posters being stolen from local venues and fresh faces turning up to volunteer.
Our services:
Brand Identity / Graphic Design / Creative Strategy / Art Direction
Logo design / Advertising / Marketing

Biker Photography:
Jasper Goodall

Traditional yet cutting edge.
A true balancing act.
Tenbrick are an innovative FinTech start-up based in the City of London, specialising in executive search and investor introduction. Bridging the gap between corporate finance and cutting edge tech start-ups, they came to us for a brand identity and website that pushed against tradition in their sector.
“Atelier Points were coming at this with a non industry
specific approach, listening to what I had to say and just
coming up with a number of ideas that were completely
different to what my competitors were doing.”
Tenbrick wanted to take a fresh approach and do things differently. New opportunities to use technology to modernise the traditional financial services industry gave Tenbrick the chance to do more than just follow the pack – instead they wanted to be at the forefront of this change.

After meeting Managing Partner Nick Bull to discuss their positioning, competitors, and industry challenges, we set out to begin visually communicating their ambitions.
One process we often adopt at the start of projects is to remove superfluous elements from the initial designs. In this instance, we worked in monochrome to produce design concepts that focus on the form of the logo - the shape, the weight, and the feeling it conveys – rather than have judgement clouded by emotional reactions to particular colours. This is a process of a bygone era, a time where the logo would need to be robust enough to withstand the reproductive rawness of a photocopier or fax, but we still think it’s a great way to test the strength and character of a logo.

Whilst our primary influences came from a variety of financial district stimuli – think pinstripes and skyscrapers – the logo’s architectural aesthetic came from a blend of timeless classicism and fresh contemporary spirit.
Once the look and feel of the identity had been established attention turned to the website. Required to install confidence in both clients and candidates along with any participants that conduct business with Tenbrick, this first iteration of the website was intended as a bold statement of intent. Deliberately simplistic in form, with concise rhetoric and a strong brand presence, it gives off an air of supreme confidence.

Roger Dean’s commissioned abstract images of modern and traditional structures within the City Of London work as metaphors for solidity, strength and support whilst the copy and tone of voice, crafted by writer Seth Rowden, are both energetic and economical. When your clients are CEOs, clarity of message has to be of the upmost importance.
When it came to designing the company stationery, we wanted to come up with something that was clearly focused on the intended recipients – high net worth individuals that are discreetly considering their next career move. Every detail, from the weight and texture of the paper down to the bespoke printing and finishing, was intended to emphasise the quality. We combined this with a clean, sophisticated design approach to provide Tenbrick with corporate stationery and refined print collateral that fully reflects their brand positioning.
"Atelier Points asked the right questions, they really helped me understand what to do from start to finish, and then they did
what they said they’d do and more."
This was a challenging project, but the end result was worth it. The success of the new brand identity was made possible by Tenbrick understanding the value of good design and how it can be used to differentiate them from competitors whilst underpinning the quality of their service. Their openness to new ideas allowed us to explore exciting concepts, making their new identity really shine. And we built such a good relationship with Tenbrick along the way that we’re now looking forward to supporting them on their unequivocal rise.
Our services:
Brand Identity / Website Design & Developer / Graphic Design
Creative Strategy / Art Direction / Logo Design

Website development / copy / photography:
Designers’ Friend / Seth Rowden / Roger Dean

Liberty x Svenskt Tenn
Swedish modernists
roll into Liberty London.
We design the invite.
When Liberty of London held the UK launch of Swedish interior design company Svenskt Tenn we were delighted to be involved. Not only is Liberty one of our go-to destinations in town, but Josef Frank’s design philosophy of “Accidentism” certainly resonates with us here at Atelier Points.
Situated in the heart of London since 1875, Liberty is one of the last great emporiums for innovative and eclectic design. With a rich heritage combined with the cutting edge it’s no surprise that Svenskt Tenn had their UK launch at the store.

Founded by Estrid Ericson in 1924, Svenskt Tenn is a renowned Swedish interior design company. In 1934 Ericson recruited Josef Frank and together they created the elegant and boldly patterned personal interior design style now known as “Accidentism” or “The Happy Chances Philosophy” that still pervades the Svenskt Tenn collection to this very day.
Our invite focused on one of the collection’s central patterns. Stripping away any graphic design embellishment, we set about producing an invite that reflected the simple material swatch, allowing the beauty and colour of the material to dominate. The juxtaposition of the delicate floral pattern with the silver block foil type was a nod to the accidentism philosophy through blending soft modernism, Viennese elegance and Swedish functionalism.
Quite often we find that it's the small, simple projects that continue to provide the greatest of pleasure. With short deadlines, the pureness of the idea and process remain undistilled over time.
Our Services:
Graphic Design / Art Direction / Print Management

Generation Press

Bookworms of the world
unite and take (York) over.
The York Antiquarian Book Seminar is the brainchild of antiquarian book dealer Anthony Smithson. Having attended a similar event in the US, Anthony believed that the three-day seminar could help transform the British antiquarian book trade, attracting and inspiring a new generation of book dealers. As bibliophiles, we were only too happy to get involved.
"As a new venture in a very small and specialist field, we were concerned about gathering enough support and interest for this important project. Atelier Points were fantastic in guiding us towards a meaningful and visually interesting identity for the seminar programme."
We started by working alongside the Y.A.B.S. team to lead them through an initial brand consultation, casting fresh eyes over their endeavour. Throughout our discussions, Anthony and partner Alice provided an incredibly well thought out, concise directive on Y.A.B.S. and its future development. This allowed us to quickly hone in on a visual system that not only represented Y.A.B.S. as an authority within the antiquarian field, but also appeal to a visually astute audience who understand the intrinsic relationship between typography, paper and print.
The Y.A.B.S. logo needed to represent the seminars across a wide variety of marketing devices throughout the antiquarian book industry as well as their own direct promotional materials. Scalability was an essential consideration in the logo development, with legibility and simplicity of message the primary objective.
"Atelier Points came up with fab original designs, met our tight deadlines, sourced reputable local printers for us
and all within budget."
Our main directive with the marketing material was to find a solution that would enable annual amends at minimal cost. Focusing on the intended audience, our research soon led us to the Faber and Faber archives where we discovered their use of bold typography and vibrant colour schemes. The archive offered some wonderful aesthetic inspiration, helping us arrive at a design solution that is distinctively modern, yet retains an underlying feeling of historical significance. This design was applied to the event mailer, roller banners and trade advertisements.
Alongside the marketing material, we also embarked on creating a flexible stationery system that could be used in multiple ways, from administration purposes through to student information packs. The event itself required name badges, t-shirts and certificates for both faculty and students alike, creating a strong identity across all touch points of the event.
"We feel the top quality design input from Atelier Points was instrumental in the success of our project. YABS was fully
booked for the first two years and we already have a
waiting list for next year!"
Soon after completing their very successful sophomore year, we were asked to begin working on the colour scheme for next year’s event. With previous inspiration coming from the Aubusson tapestries of the 17th century, this year we're exploring colour schemes derived by the Greeks from the glands of shellfish.
Our services:
Brand Identity / Graphic Design / Creative Strategy / Art Direction
Logo design / Advertising / Marketing / Print Management

Field Print

Seth Rowden
Every Good Brand-writer Deserves Fantastic-design.
Seth is an accomplished brand writer who felt his visual communications were no longer reflecting the quality of his work. We previously met Seth at an industry event in Brighton, so it was a nice surprise when he asked us to create a new website and visual identity for his practice.
We’re not the kind of design agency to use clichéd stock images of a ‘writer’ chewing on a pencil whilst deep in thought or perhaps looking busy scribbling away, so when Seth approached us we knew this project would take some though. A copywriter’s words might conjure up all manner of pictures in your mind, but they’re not exactly useful when illustrating a website – in fact, they’re bloody useless. So where do you start when trying to visually communicate a brand writer’s value?

Well, we started by taking the time to talk through his project work, discuss his ideal clients and ask challenging questions about his long-term objectives. We developed an understanding of the industry and his competitors, looking at what works and what doesn’t. This process helped us developed a true understanding of his challenges and allowed us to get right to the beating heart of the project.
“The nice thing about working with AP was I felt like I was
really part of it the process rather than just working
with a studio dishing up work to me.”
For example, we spoke at length about Seth’s belief that businesses only truly benefit from creative services when design and copywriting work hand in hand. This was leading him towards working more directly with companies and brands. His old website was very focused on appealing to branding agencies, but failed to convey the right image to businesses and communicate the value he was offering clients.

We wanted to help him tap into a new audience. The new identity and website had to be bold and punchy, demanding attention by standing out. It needed a clarity of message that would engage visitors, getting the message across in as few clicks as possible. Most of all it had to deliver confidence and inspire future prospects to get in touch.
The overall concept came early on, with a few iterations to refine the rather unorthodox user experience. The bold font, inspired by a Polish magazine published throughout the 1960s, gives the design confidence yet has a warmth and sensitivity much like Seth’s writing. We decided to use a monochrome colour scheme on the information and navigation pages and introduce colour to the service pages to really make them pop. This is a visual metaphor for Seth’s services bringing ‘colour’ to your business communications - after all, it’s the little touches!

It was unusual for us to approach the website design before the visual identity, but the bold typeface and four colours are so visually arresting and powerful that they were the perfect starting point for creating a cohesive look and feel across all of the brand identity touch points. This translated seamlessly across other marketing materials including business cards and stationery.
“My brand identity now reflects the quality of my work,
and the website’s unusual and playful structure is a talking
point with clients - and has even resulted in several
new projects within a week of launch.”
There’s a confidence and honesty about the whole identity – which is Seth incarnate. Brave enough to let the words do the talking, yet visually bold and punchy enough to catch the eye and grab attention. It’s beautifully simple and we love it!
Our services:
Brand Identity / Website Design / Graphic Design

My Kolachi
Hand crafted and sustainable with a modernist touch.
My Kolachi owner and serial entrepreneur Shazia Nizam came to us with the exciting challenge of creating a brand identity and website for her new homewares venture. Finding a solution that encapsulated traditional handicrafts with a clean modernity - and one that touched on the vibrancy of epochal magazine The Face - was always going to be fun. From logo sketches through to product photography, we collaborated with Shazia to deliver very element of her visual communication.
Right from the start Shazia presented us with a clear set of influences and inspirations drawn from her love of geometric prints and calligraphy. These included samples of the ancient script Kufic, dating back to around late 7th century. After our research and initial sketching, we settled on a 12th century simplified form know as Square Kufic. This not only provided a blend of authenticity and handicraft to the My Kolachi identity but offered up a clean, modern design aesthetic that reflected the label’s ethos: ‘A brand with a passion for the organic and traditional embedded in a clean design setting, in a fair trade environment’.

We adapted the ancient Square Kufic design rules to reflect the Latin alphabet, maintain a higher level of legibility, and add some creative flair brought about a modern logo with heritage that avoids the pitfalls of pastiche. We also created a complimentary monogram logo for use across the My Kolachi product line.
“Atelier Points have been in the business of branding, identity
and design for a long time. So firstly they know what they
are talking about which is really important.”
In creating a brand identity there are many facets to consider and explore. One of the first involved the brand typeface. Avoiding the clichéd aesthetic of the artisanal zeitgeist, we opted for a contemporary mono font that reflected and influenced particular elements of the logo, giving the brand an air of modernity.

From here we tackled many of the brand touch points, from swing tags to product labels, rubber stamps to stationary, before embarking on the website design. The use of bold, playful, pop culture inspired imagery separated My Kolachi from their peers, providing the website with a distinct and unique personality.
To maintain this quality carried across all elements of the website, we worked with the very talented Designers’ Friend who developed the site and made sure every pixel was perfect.

We decided early on to opt for a bespoke CMS desktop and mobile ecommerce website rather than a one-size-fits-all responsive template site. Using reductive type at well considered sizes meant the desktop site displayed equally well on tablets, allowing us to tailor a mobile-specific experience for smart phone visitors. By enhancing the simple and direct UX with well considered design, we were able to make the website a real pleasure to use.
“It didn’t feel like I was alone, it felt like I was supported in the process, but I was still very much able to say what I wanted.
And what we have at the end of the day, what was produced,
is exactly what I wanted.“
It was a real joy to work with My Kolachi. Shazia’s passion and energy towards the project along with her trust in our expertise created an environment where the creative process flourished, resulting in a brand identity and website we are proud to put our name to.
Our services:
Brand Identity / Website Design & Development
Graphic Design / Creative Strategy / Product Photography

Website developer:
Designers' Friend

Northern Irish Tourist Board
Post chequered flag tourism. Leathers are optional.
The world famous International North West 200 motorcycle race draws in over 150,000 spectators from across the globe, presenting a perfect opportunity for the Northern Ireland Tourist Board to capitalise on the sudden influx of visitors. Funded by the Department of Culture Arts & Leisure, we were asked to create a visual identity and marketing campaign that encouraged these international race fans to ‘Stay A While’.
After spending time with the team on the beautiful North Coast to discuss the campaign, we then set about trying to uncover a visual link between the two disparate events.

Our original thinking went something like this. Race ends, tourism starts. The end of the race is signified by a chequered flag. Tourism in Northern Ireland is heavily represented by symbolic hexagons relating to the world renowned geological wonder The Giant’s Causeway. Maybe the squares of the chequered flag could morph into hexagons? And maybe these hexagons could gradually spread out to symbolise a more relaxed state of mind. And since ten alternate routes around the country were already devised, we decided to design each horizontal line of the flag to represent a particular route.
The whole idea seemed too literal and was arrived at too quickly that we promptly discarded it and explored other options. But nothing else seemed to match the clarity of message and visual impact of the flag. Sometimes the most obvious solution is the best solution, it just requires some mental gymnastics and a few dead ends before realising it.

Once we locked down the flag illustration, we built the rest of the identity around this same aesthetic. The logo incorporated ten hexagons, with each one colour coded to represent the tourist routes around the country, and a font that mirrored the sweeping curves and straights of the NW200 street circuit.
Next up was the advertising and marketing campaign. The fundamental aim of the project was to show off the gems of Northern Ireland, so we began by looking through the Northern Ireland Tourist Boards wonderful photographic library. We then incorporated these amazing photographs into our designs to create posters, flyers, billboards, public transport advertisements, travel guides, clothing, and various online banners and skyscrapers.
‘Stay A While’ was a demanding but thoroughly rewarding project. The deadlines were incredibly tight, and with so many facets to the campaign a serious amount of project management was required. Looking back it was quite a challenge for us to undertake. However, backed by the NW200 office and the NITB marketing department, the success of this campaign proves just what a small, committed design agency can achieve.
Our services:
Visual Identity / Graphic Design / Creative Strategy / Art Direction
Logo design / Advertising / Marketing

Atelier Points
Visual communication that brings out the best in people.
Whether it’s by inspiring confidence and success within your business
or creating provocative and engaging messages that make
a difference to your customer’s lives.
We craft memorable designs
that help companies achieve their potential.
Good design has the power to provoke, inspire, entertain, enlighten, educate, and engage. It shapes brands and sells products. It makes us feel good inside. Our aim is to make original and carefully considered graphic design available to every company, irrespective of size, scale or budget.
Design is an investment. No matter if your image is outdated, your marketing has lost impact, your website needs an overhaul, or you’re launching an exciting new brand – right now you have the perfect opportunity to demand more from your visual communications.

That’s why we look for clients who share our belief that design matters. We pride ourselves on our long-term commitment and genuine enthusiasm, thorough understanding of your business and customers, interest and respect for your ideas, and excellent customer service.

We only ever present work that we’d be proud to put our name to.

Services & Process
We’re in the business of
making you look good.
We find impactful ways to help reach people through
the disciplines of brand identity, website design,
graphic design and creative strategy.
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Our approach is simple.
Make it better. Make it better.
We don’t have a three-step method or standard process. Our approach is simple: we make it better. And we keep going until the work looks so obviously brilliant that we feel compelled to share it with you. As a multi-disciplined visual communications studio we can take care of all your creative needs, maintaining consistency and focus across your project.

Whether you’re looking for graphic design, website development, photography, illustration, or copywriting – we can help. We work with clients of all shapes and sizes from small independents through to large companies and global brands. And we are brave enough to ask difficult and challenging questions that creatively push your design (and your business) to new limits.
Brand Identity.
Discover a unique and authentic personality.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re launching a brand or breathing new life into an existing one, we can help you stand out by finding a refreshingly different brand identity. Everything we do is carefully considered – from the colours, typography and branding elements right down to the papers we use. This means you end up with an identity that reflects your values, engages your customers, and sets a new benchmark for your industry.
Website Design.
Develop a website that reflects your business.
Everything from powerful ecommerce to responsive business sites, we design and develop pixel-perfect websites to your exact requirements. We don’t use themes or templates, so everything we build is 100% unique to your business. And we carefully consider user experience and back-end functionality, so you have complete control over your website once it’s finished.
Graphic Design. Differentiate from
competitors in your sector.
We design everything from logos, stationery sets, sales brochures, annual reports, advertising campaigns, marketing collateral, packaging, books, newsletters, and anything else you need. We are also great lovers of print, which has always been at the heart of what we do.

As trained craftsmen, we have a true appreciation for the physicality, tactility and potential of print. In our oversaturated digital lives, it’s no wonder that high-quality print is now more desirable than ever before. We partner with a handful of printers to cover almost any type of project.
Creative Strategy & Art Direction.
Delivering large projects in time and on budget.
You may have a website that needs design, photography and copywriting – or a brand identity project that needs creative direction. Whatever the project, we provide a clear strategy to maintain consistency and take away the hassle. We offer insights based on experience, and collaborate with trusted partners to deliver a full service without compromising on quality.

A Little About Us
We are not bees.
We don’t do buzz words.
Instead we offer straightforward and honest advice.
This leads to original work that is purposeful in concept
and economical in execution.
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A studio on a mission:
To do good design for good people.
Hello, we’re Kevin Points and Ellen Laverty Points. We’re the founders of Atelier Points, a culmination of over 20 years of experience in print, packaging and digital. We both remain practical and hands-on in applying our knowledge and passion to every project that comes through the studio – because we believe the best work comes from clients and designers working together.
Our reputation is built on consistently brilliant work and excellent customer service. We put this down to our philosophy of being straightforward and honest. Our client relationships are based on trust and respect, allowing us to conceive memorable and lasting work that everyone can be proud of.

As well as client work, we are also involved in a range of other creative projects such as Humili-T, a clothing line celebrating the quality of being modest. Freely expressing our extra-curricular creativity helps to keep our work fresh and reminds us how important it is to commit ourselves to each and every project.

We love what we do, and we hope you’ll love working with us.

Selected Work
Giving clients some swagger
like a young Mick Jagger.
A selection of our work from a variety of sectors
and disciplines, carefully crafted to give our clients
and their customers satisfaction.
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Client Love
You can't believe everything
you read online.
Our clients come to us with praise so
good that we decided to capture some of it
on film – just so you know we’re not making it up.
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Get In Touch
If you have a creative
problem maybe you should
hire the AP-Team.
If you’d like to discuss a potential project, or want to know more
about what we can do for you, please get in touch. We love to talk.
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Is it AP you're looking for?
You’ll find us nestled on the edge of the South Downs National Park in the historic town of Lewes. With Brighton just a stones throw away and central London a mere sixty odd minutes by train we dig our little corner of the world.
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Studio Bulletin
A place where no news is
deemed to be good news.
Alongside our latest studio musings and news, this is where you'll find
a smattering of new project work, old project work
and the bits that fall in-between.
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We get by with a little help from our friends
Collaborating with talented individuals who take pride in what they do and who they do it for makes for a truly rewarding and successful outcome. This website is a testament to that process.
So our thanks go out to:
Seth Rowden for taking our funny little statements and opinionated musings and turning them into engaging copy that perfectly expresses who we are and what we stand for.

To Emma Gutteridge, who had the unenviable task of getting us in front of a camera (well, one of us anyway). Not only did Emma capture some great shots but the whole process was a lot of fun.

And then there’s Designers’ Friend, a development company worth their weight in gold. Head honcho Andy is a highly skilled coder who ‘gets’ design. Not only does he rise to the challenges set by the form, finding unique solutions to keep the website pixel perfect, but he'll readily point out where the form can be improved to the benefit of function. We love working with Designers’ Friend.